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Nevoprint is a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, a local, historic and dynamic company, established in Switzerland, near Lausanne. 250 years of experience has given us a unique expertise, that we combine with advanced technologies to perform high-quality prints.

Our production site, entirely upgraded in 2020, is equipped with the most advanced machines, to address any format, whether offset or digital.

We also have our own industrial binding facility, which is one of the most important in Romandy.
Whatever your needs in terms of printing and binding, we devote our resources to offer you tailored solutions and to be your preferred partner, with a view to sustainable development.

This mission is structured around our 3 core values: Openness, responsibility, innovation.

Our labels and certifications

Swiss Label

Swiss Label provides the guarantee of printed products entirely made in Switzerland Our investment strategy is aiming for production facilities exclusively on our site. In the rare instances when we need subcontracting activity, we rely only on Swiss partners. On demand, your prints can be labelled “Swiss Made” or “Printed in Switzerland”. By choosing to order your printing in Switzerland, you help support the local businesses and maintain employment and you take part in an eco-responsible approach.


The PDFX-ready Creator classic and PDFX-ready Output Classic CMYK + SPOT certifications are guarantees of our excellent command of the files you send. Our prepress department specialises in file control before printing. And please do not hesitate to contact us with any question you may have, we are here to help!
PDFX-Ready Creator Certification
PDFX-Ready Output Certification


Here at Nevoprint, we are fully aware of the urgency of the environmental issue. That is why our production and our printing are made while taking into account environment preservation and sustainability. We have been awarded the Imprim’Vert and FSC labels, which are two very demanding certifications, granted to companies with an eco-responsible production.

The Imprim’Vert label judges and assesses all concrete actions led by companies to reduce the environmental impact of their activity. Since our production is located on a single site, we manage to significantly reduce transportation by avoiding subcontracting.

As for our FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council), it allows you to choose an FSC-certified paper, made from wood originating from certified forests. These forests are managed following a socially, economically and ecologically responsible approach.

MyClimate, climate neutral printing
Reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental issues in general are an integral part of PCL’s strategy for years now. Now that the incompressible emission cap has been reached, it has become relevant to compensate emission that cannot or hardly be avoided. Thus, the CO2-equivalent-emission impact of our printing will be compensated via our support to two high-quality projects for climate protection. This approach shall be on a voluntary basis for the clients, who will be able to choose to compensate the emissions, just as they are free to choose recycled paper. This is a first step to help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Charter LAUSANNE PLURIELLE ET ENGAGÉE (diverse and committed)
In our engagement against racism and any form of discrimination, we signed the charter “Lausanne - plurielle et engagée”, created at the initiative of the city of Lausanne during the tenth edition of the “Semaine d’actions contre le racisme” (week of actions against racism). Upon signing this charter, one commits to maintain fair practices, not to discriminate and to end any discriminatory situation.

Our on-line printing services

Continually in search of excellence, we commit to offer a customised service as well as premium quality products. In order to accompany you in every stage of your project development, we offer a wide range of services:

1. Prepress and printing: Digital and offset printing

Notre équipe prépresse est dédiée à toutes les opérations qui précèdent l’impression : Vérification de la mise en page, assemblage des documents, validation de la qualité du contenu textuel et iconographique et optimisation des fichiers. Nous vous orientons également sur une impression numérique, offset, ou grands formats.
Notre objectif ? Concilier la facilité et le confort de la commande en ligne à l’assurance d’une production de haute qualité.

3. Control service

Here at Nevoprint, we offer - should you require it - to control and balance your files before starting the printing process. This is on optional step, that ensures that your document will be perfect. In need of proofreading, correction, assistance or advices? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you in every stage of your product development.

2. Finishing touches: Binding and ennoblement

Because we have our own industrial binding facility, which counts among the most important in Romandy, we can offer you a wide array of finishing touches. Folding, scoring, perforation, cutting, binding, laminating, gilding, or even UV varnish: we can offer it all to magnify your prints and to address all of your demands! Our model department (blank template or printed) is at your disposal to help you get an accurate idea of what your project would look like before you make your decision!

4. Logistics

You need an urgent printing? Enjoy our same day shipping, as well as our 1 day-shipping or 3 day-shipping: the express delivery service by Nevoprint! Our printing company, located near Lausanne, in Romandy (Switzerland), enables to manufacture and ship locally the same day for any order placed before noon. For any order placed after 12:00, we can deliver your prints the next day or after 3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the delivery method you chose. Choosing Nevoprint, is choosing the guarantee of reliable supply and delivery, upon request.

A personal contact person

Advising and assisting our clients is our purpose! Our team is at your disposal to answer quickly and efficiently to your questions and offer you customised solutions in order to address your demands, and this every working day.

Payment on invoice

As a client company, a public administration or a reseller, you have the opportunity to pay your orders on invoice, by bank transfer. Simply indicate your intra-European VAT number to enjoy the payment on invoice.

A transparent budget

You have access to clear information about pricing in our on-line store. Shipping costs are always included in the prices appearing on the website. Besides, the configuration of your product can be downloaded as a PDF file, as a price guarantee valid for 14 days.

Eco-friendly printing

With our cutting-edge technology, we can produce print material while emitting up to 70% less CO2 in comparison to conventional printing technologies. Through our partnership with MyClimate, you can also contribute to environmental protection, by ordering your prints and choosing the option to compensate the CO2 emissions.

Nevoprint: A customised expertise for each line of business

Product list / Themes

Here at Nevoprint, we know that some lines of business have very specific demands regarding their communication and marketing strategy.

That is why we offer products tailored to your business, and specifically designed to meet your quality requirements.

Prints for the hospitality industry

In the hospitality industry, your communication strategy as well as the products that you offer to your clients are the best way to represent your brand and, as such, they deserve your full attention.
Exterior and interior signage (in the hall, the reception area, the bedrooms, etc.) in your hotel play an essential role in the hospitality industry :
Billboards, displays, posters; those are your best tools to seduce, direct and retain customers.

It is also worth noting that in a hotel, every detail is important and contributes to bring the best possible experience to your patrons. To leave a positive and premium impression to your clients, you can for example choose elegant forms and a sleek headed paper. And if you want your patrons to remember you, do not hesitate to put some customised notepads in the bedrooms !

Prints for the restaurant industry

In the restaurant industry, print products represent a significant communication tool and an underestimated potential for marketing. Be it to spend a good time, to meet your friends and family or for a professional meeting, patrons of a restaurant are generally open-minded and relaxed. Therefore, they are much more susceptible to pay attention to the print products on display around them than if they were just passing through.

Menu cards, table cards, table mats, loyalty cards : Nevoprint is at your side to print any customised products that you may need for your tables, bars and counters!
As for the flyers, leaflets and billboards, they remain a staple array for your advertising campaigns!

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