Customised notepads creation and printing

Even though digital technology is ever more present, taking notes on paper remains essential. A shopping list, a sketch, or a quick calculation need to be done? More often than not, you will use a notepad! So, if you customise notepads with your corporate visual identity, your clients will no doubt keep you in mind! Headers, format, style, number of pages, type of paper, etc.: our whole range of notepads can be customised.

With 250 years of experience, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee the quality of our notepads, they are all produced and printed in Switzerland. Our printing facility is located in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

How to choose the right format


A4 notepads (dimensions 29,7 x 21 cm): This is the standard format, and the most popular for businesses.


A5 notepads (dimensions 21 x 14,8 cm) : Slightly smaller than the A4 format, this type of notepad is easily transportable.


A6 notepads (dimensions 10,5 x 14,8 cm) : Appreciated for its practicality, this format is one of the smallest that can be printed, among the range of A formats. It is the standard format for envelopes and postcards. Because it is necessary to use a plotter or a cutting tool to produce A6 notepads, this format is only offered by professional printing companies.

Create a notepad tailored to your requirements

Various criteria must be selected:

  • Format
  • Type of paper
  • Style of the pages
  • Number of pages
  • Perforation

Our notepads are designed without cover, but they are reinforced with a 1-mm-thick grey cardboard back. All pages are identically printed.

How to select the most appropriate type of paper

The first objective of a notepad is to be an excellent writing surface.

Notepads in offset paper 90 g/m2: Renowned for its white colour and its good opacity, this paper is designed to be highly resistant. It offers a better visual rendering and ideally absorbs the colours.

Notepads in recycled paper 90 g/m2: This type of paper also boasts of a good opacity, with the added benefit of preserving natural resources. It is slightly less white than the offset paper, which can be easier on the eyes. However, it offers the environmental benefit to emit less CO2 during its fabrication process.

How to pick the style of the pages

Notepads with graph paper

Lined notepads

Blank notepads

How to choose the number of pages

Standard notepads contain 50 pages, but you can also create notepads with 25 or 100 pages. If you would like a metal spiral binding, a minimum of 50 pages per notepad is required.

Perforation or not

Perforated notepad pages are more easily kept and stored once used to write on. Thus, a notepad gifted to a client or a partner can turn into a long-lasting advertising material!

We offer perforation for ulterior filing, with 2- or 4-way punched holes. Because the perforation is lateral, it respects the reading direction.

How to customise your notepad with your company’s visual identity

To stand out from more conventional designs and therefore enhancing your visual identity, you can choose to customise the header and/or footer or your notepad.

Among the most frequently-used data on a header, you can for example put your logo, your email address, a phone number, etc.
You can also customise the footer, by adding visual details.

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order?

A minimum of 25 notepads is required to place an order here at Nevoprint.

Can we choose the direction of the adhesive binding?

The adhesive binding, just as the spiral binding, can be made on the header or on the left side of the pad.

What are the delivery times?

With express delivery, notepads are generally delivered within 3 to 4 working days.

For a standard order, Nevoprint generally delivers your products after 7 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the shipping method you chose: express or standard.

Is it possible to see what the notepad will actually look like before we finalise our order?