Customised brochures printing

Brochures are essential communication tools for all lines of business. Whatever the purpose (presentation, marketing initiative, product portfolio, etc.), a premium quality printed brochure is an eye catcher. To best meet you project expectations, we offer a wide range of brochures. Format, orientation, binding, type of paper, paper weight, and finish can all be customised, to highlight your message.

With 250 years of experience, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee their quality, all of our brochures are printed in Switzerland, in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high tech machines.

The different available formats for our customisable brochures

Stapled brochures

Perfect binding

Mat, glossy, natural or recycled: How to choose the type of paper for a brochure

As a necessary sales and marketing tool, a brochure mirrors your brand identity. That being said, identifying your target is key to best define what effect you want for your brochure: premium, natural, intriguing, sleek, etc.

Note: The cover and the inside pages of your brochure can be printed in different types of paper and different paper weights.

A coated paper (mat or glossy) stands out by its smooth surface and an optimal colour printing. These qualities make it an ideal type of paper for a brochure cover.

  • With a mat finish, the result is elegant and refined.

  • With a glossy finish, the rendering is more vibrant and dynamic.

A natural paper is a non-coated paper, which has not received any surface treatment, unlike the coated paper. This paper has a slightly grained natural surface, similar as the one used for stationery paper. It is very popular recently, as it is elegant and offers a very good readability.

A recycled paper is suited for private customers and businesses who take the environmental issues at heart, as the CO2 emissions from its production cycle are significantly inferior to those of a conventional, non-recycled paper. Yet, the printing quality is not reduced; it is exactly similar to printing with a natural paper.

Choose a paper weight according to your target audience and your budget

As soon as they have it in their hands, customers form an opinion about your brochure. Looks are essential of course, but so is the sense of touch. It is therefore relevant to careful choose the paper weight.
In general, the heavier the paper weight, the better the brochure will hold itself in your hands.

Important: The cover of your brochure is crucial. Printed on either or both sides, and available from 4 pages (4 faces), the cover needs to catch the reader’s attention and invite to further read the brochure. We therefore advise to choose a heavier paper weight for the cover.

Light paper weights, for a lightened budget:

  • 80 g/m² for natural paper and recycled paper

  • 115 g/m² or 120 g/m² for mat and glossy coated papers

Standard paper weights, for the cover and the inside pages, for a standard quality:
  • 160 g/m² for natural paper and recycled paper

  • 170 g/m² for mat and glossy coated papers

Heavy paper weights, for the cover only, for the prestige of a premium quality:
  • 200 g/m² or 300 g/m² (cover) for natural paper and recycled paper

  • 250 g/m² for mat and glossy coated papers

How are the pages bound?

The quality of the binding is a key element for your brochure durability and style.

Depending on the number of pages, you can choose between a stapled binding and a perfect binding.

Stapled binding

Également appelée reliure de piqûre à cheval, piqué pli au fil métallique, ou deux points métal, la reliure par agrafes est un classique.

Stapled binding is available for brochures with 8 to 64 pages (8 to 64 faces), by increment of 4 pages (4 faces). Two kind of staples are available: standard or omega staples.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding (a technique for binding soft cover books or brochures) is more elegant and more resistant than the stapled binding. The premise of this process is to apply a layer of a very resistant glue at the back of the brochure, to bind the pages to the cover.

In general, perfect binding is available for brochures with 32 (cover included) to 480 pages, by increment of 2 pages (2 faces).

Brochure lamination: the premium finish at its best

If you want a high quality and long-lasting brochure, we advise that you add a laminated finish to your cover.

Lamination is available for brochure covers printed on a coated paper with a weight of 170 g/m² or more. Applying a plastic film on the paper protects your brochure from scratches and stains, which offers a higher-end rendering.

3 different types of lamination are available:

  • Mat and glossy laminations: In addition to their protective role, these types of lamination strengthen the quality of mat and glossy coated papers.

  • “Soft touch” lamination: It offers a “peach skin” or velvety finish to the brochure cover. A Soft touch lamination catches our attention and flatters our senses with a very pleasant touch. This type of lamination is therefore best suited for printed documents that will be handed over: Brochures, business cards, postcards, leaflets, etc.

Frequently asked questions

What are the delivery times?

With express delivery, a brochure order in a small print run with a low pagination is generally delivered within 8 to 16 working hours.

For a standard order, Nevoprint generally delivers your products after +3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered, the total number of pages and on the shipping method you chose: express or standard.
Once your order is configured, we will inform you of the standard delivery time.

Is there a minimum order?

Whatever quality you choose, a minimum of 50 units is required. However, we would like to note that a print run of at least 100 units is more interesting financially.