Customised leaflets printing

Leaflets are very efficient tools to communicate about your company, to introduce new products or services, to announce events, etc.
In order to better meet your requirements and your budget, we offer a range of entirely customisable leaflets. Whatever format, fold, paper or paper weight that you select, the quality or our leaflets enables you to combine catchy design and relevant message.

Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee their quality, all of our leaflets are printed in Switzerland, in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

How to choose the format best suited to your message

Depending on the message and on the format of the texts and images that you want to spotlight, some leaflets formats are more suited than others.

The folded to 100 x 210 mm leaflet (equivalent to ⅓ of an A4 page) is ideal for portrait-oriented texts, as the leaflet orientation is vertical. Large enough to make your message readable, its narrow finish once folded is perfect to be kept in a vest pocket or in a leaflet display stand, in a hotel for example.

The A4 leaflet has a finished size of 210 x 297 cm, once folded. This standard format is very popular, as it offers a large enough space to present a global and clear vision of your company. It is also the most often selected format for information leaflets, as it can contain a lot of information.

The A5 leaflet has a finished size of 148 x 210 cm. It is a small format, which can easily be transported, distributed (and kept!). It enables you to combine design and information, while encouraging a quick reading. Among other things, it is particularly used to communicate during events.

The A6 leaflet has a finished size of 105 x 148 cm, once folded. Significantly smaller and lighter, this format is an interesting option, as it makes the distribution easier. The A6 leaflet is perfectly suited for efficient and impactful messages and images, that can be understood in just one look!

Guide of the folds

We offer the 3 conventional types of folds for leaflets:

  • The central fold, which divides the leaflet in 2 to form 4 pages

  • The letter fold, with pages folded in the same direction

  • The zig zag fold, which alternates recto and verso pages

Note: The more thick and rigid the paper is, the more important is the choice of the fold. This is the reason why we apply a creasing for any paper weight starting from 170g. By carving a creasing line in the position of the folds, we drastically reduce the risk of paper cracking on the folds.

Glossy, mat, natural or recycled: What type of paper for your leaflet?

Nevoprint offers various types of paper. Unlike the recycled paper, coated paper contains many coats to ensure its smoothness.

Please review the main characteristics of each type of paper to choose the type that best suits your project:

  • A mat coated paper leaflet has a more premium and sober look. It avoids any unwanted reflections and is therefore ideal for photo printing.

  • A glossy coated paper leaflet gives the best rendering, with bright and vibrant colours and a glazed effect. Its shine reflects the light and creates a few reflections. This paper gives an impression of quality and dynamism.

  • A natural paper leaflet (offset) gives a slightly less vibrant colour rendering. This paper has a slightly grained surface, similar as the one used for stationery paper. It is very popular recently, as it is elegant and offers a very good readability.

  • A recycled paper leaflet is natural and environment-friendly, as the CO2 emissions from its production cycle are significantly inferior to those of a conventional paper. Compatible with a quality printing, it wins over private customers as well as businesses who want to be more environment friendly.

Choose a paper weight according to your target audience and your budget

You can print your leaflets in those four different paper weights:

Paper weight

Type of paper

Possible use

135 g/m²

For a soft paper

Promotional flyer, political pamphlet

170 g/m²

For a semi-rigid paper

Premium promotional flyer, product sheet

250 g/m²

For a premium thick paper

Premium product sheet, price list

350 g/m²

For a cardboard paper

Premium price list, contest cards

NB: A semi-rigid or thick leaflet can stand up more easily. This is an interesting feature if your leaflet is meant to be displayed in a trade fair for example.

Laminating the leaflet, an ideal option for premium printing

We offer lamination for coated paper leaflets with a paper weight of 250 g/m² or more.
Lamination offers a superior finish, through the application of a plastic film on the paper.

Once laminated, your leaflet is protected and less permeable, and the glossy, mat or satin finish of your paper is strengthened. This option gives the leaflet a more high-end and qualitative look.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is for 100 leaflets, but economically, we recommend an order of at least 250 units.

Are the leaflets shipped pre-folded?

The leaflets are delivered already folded and packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.

What are the delivery times?

With express delivery, a leaflet is generally delivered within 8 to 16 working hours.

For a standard order, Nevoprint generally delivers your products after +3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the shipping method you chose: express or standard.
An order placed before 11 am can be delivered the same day (in Switzerland only).

For any order placed after 12:00, Nevoprint can deliver the next day or after 3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the delivery method you chose: Urgent, express or standard.