Customised envelopes printing

Even though we live in a digital era, envelopes remain a staple for any business activity.
You can customise your envelopes by printing your logo, your company motto, or even a picture, on both sides. In addition to bringing a touch of originality to your letters, a customised envelope with your company visual identity shows your professionalism.

With 250 years of experience, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee the quality of our envelopes, they are all produced and printed in Switzerland. Our printing facility is located in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

How to choose the envelope that meets your requirements

Why choose printed envelopes?

A customised envelope is an efficient way of separating yourself from other companies, and of inspiring trust among your clients or partners.

Whatever the reason for your postal shipping, a customised envelope is more noticed by the recipient. Thanks to its colours and originality, your letter stands out even before the message inside is actually delivered!

The four-colour printing process offer a wide array of colours and, should you not find the right hue, the Pantone range catalogues more than 2,000 direct colours that we can offer. The Swiss quality and the opacity of our envelopes guarantee confidentiality for your sensitive mails (banking data, personal data, pay slips, etc.).

Format guide

Envelope format

Format in mm

Equivalent in paper format


162 x 114 mm

Postcard format


229 x 114 mm

A4 folded in three


229 × 162 mm

A5 or A4 folded in two


324 × 229 mm

A4 or A3 folded in two

White or recycled paper envelopes

White envelope is the most frequently used option. Here at Nevoprint, we used Swiss made high-end envelopes, for their quality and their irreproachable aspect. Bright white on the outside and light grey on the inside, these envelopes are also environment friendly as they are whitened without chlorine, with a process that does not emit toxic fumes. Therefore, our envelopes are certified with the eco-responsible FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council®).

Nevoprint also offers customisable envelopes in recycled paper. Also made in Switzerland, they are perfect for private customers and businesses who take the environmental issues at heart, as the CO2 emissions from their production cycle are significantly inferior to those of conventional envelopes. Yet, the printing quality is not reduced; it is exactly similar to printing on conventional envelopes.

Envelopes with or without window

The window is a transparent and determined space that enables to see the recipient address, written on the letter inside. Its advantage: it is a significant time saver!

Thanks to window envelopes, you don’t have to write the address on every single one envelope before sending it. Combined with an adhesive strip, the qualities of these envelopes are well appreciated when mailing to a significant number of recipients.

While most window envelopes are not eco-responsible because they contain plastic, those produced by Nevoprint are 100% recyclable and made in Switzerland.

Envelopes printed on both sides

To spotlight your uniqueness and your brand image, you can customise your envelopes on both sides!

Your envelopes are then twice as remarkable, and you have the advantage of having twice as much space to share information. All of our envelope formats are suited for a recto-verso printing.

Frequently asked questions

What are the delivery times?

With express delivery, an envelope order in a small print run (less than 500 units) is generally delivered within 8 to 16 working hours.

For a standard order, Nevoprint generally delivers your products after +3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the shipping method you chose: express or standard.

Are your envelopes self-adhesive or do they need flap moistening?

All of our envelopes have a self-adhesive strip. It is therefore unnecessary to moisten them to close them.