Customised flyers printing

Flyers and pamphlets are efficient advertising tools to individually convey your company’s message. Quite inexpensive to produce in small or large quantity, a flyer can meet almost endless needs: handouts, events communication, postal shipping, etc.
We offer entirely customisable flyers, printable on both sides, with various formats, types of paper and paper weights to accommodate your project.

With 250 years of experience, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee their quality, all of our flyers are printed in Switzerland, in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

The different available formats for our customisable flyers

How to choose the right flyer to print?

There are two essential questions:
• Where and how will it be distributed?
• What message do you want to convey?

Small formats like A6 and A7 formats:
• Are easily slipped in a mailbox
• Can be kept in a pocket more easily

The most requested format, A5:
• Draws the attention of your clients when they are in a point of sale
• Enables to bring more detail or to have an airier design

Nevoprint also offers the possibility to print tailored flyers:
• Best fits your corporate image
• Stands out from more “conventional templates”

Size guide

Flyer format

Format in mm

Possible use


74 x 105 mm

Direct handout distribution


105 x 148 mm

All households, direct handout distribution


148 x 210 mm

Points of sale, all households


210 x 297 mm

Exhibition stand in a trade fair, sales notes

How to choose a quality of paper that meets your target

  • Coated paper is the most frequently used paper for flyers and pamphlets. It is cost-effective, and offers the best printing rendering, for pictures for examples.

  • Le papier recyclé offers a slightly less vibrant colour rendering, but it is truly environment friendly, and it helps reducing CO2 emissions.

Whatever paper you choose to use, you can also select various types of printing:

  • Glossy paper enables to spotlight the design and sparks the interest of the recipient, with its more vibrant look.

  • Mat paper reduces reflections and offer a sleek and elegant finish that can seduce the recipient.

How to choose the paper weight best suited to your budget

  • The paper weight refers to the thickness of the paper

  • The paper weight for a flyer or a pamphlet generally varies between 115 g/m² and 300 g/m²

Light flyer: 115 à 120 g/m2

A light paper weight is cost-effective and can therefore be a good option for a large amount of printed units

Perfect and efficient for a simple event with a limited budget

Normal flyer: 135 à 170 g/m2

An average weighted flyer offers a great value for money

It is a qualitative flyer, with a good hand grip

Heavy flyer: 200 à 300 g/m2

A heavy paper gives an impression of quality to the touch.

Slightly reinforced with cardboard, it is the heavier version of a qualitative flyer

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order for a customised flyer?

With Nevoprint, the minimum order is for 50 units. Any smaller quantity is not economically interesting.

What are the delivery times?

  • For any order placed before noon, the order is delivered within 3 working days. With the express delivery service, you can reduce this delivery time to 24 hours, at a surcharge.

  • For orders of 3,000 flyers and more, the delivery time is typically 48 hours. However, you can contact us for any urgent need, we always have a solution!

  • For very large orders, do not hesitate to contact us, as our delivery times are universally acknowledged as especially short.