Customised business cards printing

The business cards that you give reflect your image and your professionalism. As such, they deserve to be customised and carefully printed, because their role in your communication is essential.
To introduce yourself and be remembered, we offer various formats, styles, types of paper and premium finish for your business cards.

With 250 years of experience, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee their quality, all of our business cards are printed in Switzerland, in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

How to choose the right format and orientation

Cartes de visites angles droits

Cartes de visites angles arrondis

A business card definitely leaves an impression, better be a good one! For your business card to reflect your company and to be a differentiation tool, various formats are available.

Rectangular business cards (dimensions 85 x 55 mm): Conventional, they are the size of a credit card and therefore can easily be slipped into any wallet.
In Switzerland (as in Europe), it is the standard format for a business card. Corners are sharp and straight, these cards reflect of your seriousness, and therefore are ideal for more “conventional” professions.

Square business cards (dimensions 65 x 65 mm) : They are perfect to stand out and to bring a modern aesthetics that will be noticed. They are very popular among businesspeople who want to spotlight a logo or an artistic touch.

Business cards with rounded corners: Slightly standing aside more conventional cuts, these cards bring an additional touch of uniqueness to your introduction. Whether rectangular or square, business cards with rounded corners leave an impression of creativity and confidence.

Choosing a vertical or horizontal orientation

Horizontal orientation

Just as the format, the orientation of your business card plays a major role in the image that you want to convey.

A horizontal orientation is very conventional and underlines a welcomed simplicity.

Vertical orientation

A vertical orientation shakes up the traditional codes of business cards. It is often chosen by less conventional profiles, who want to stand out. As your potential clients are generally little used to this layout, you will easily separate yourself from the crowd!

How to choose a style and quality of paper

Your business cards are not just a summary of your contact information. Quite the opposite! They can represent you and highlight your reliability.
For your business cards, you must choose between two very different types of paper and paper weights.

This choice must be made in accordance with your budget, of course, but also with your visual identity, your communication strategy and your values. All the measures that have an influence on your reputation, your development and the longevity of your image, define your branding.

Knowing the main characteristics of our paper, to make the right choice

Carte de visite en papier couché brillant : Ce papier accroche la lumière et renforce les couleurs vives, tout en apportant un dynamisme grâce aux reflets qui l'accompagnent. Nous le recommandons particulièrement pour les photos ou les visuels hauts en couleur.

Carte de visite en papier couché mat : Ce papier est recommandé pour les tons moins vifs et moins contrastés. Sa sobriété apporte de l’élégance et favorise la lisibilité.

Son point fort ? Il ne marque pas les traces de doigts, ce qui est très appréciable pour une carte de visite bien souvent transmise de main à main.

Carte de visite en papier recyclé : Ce papier “écologique” permet de concilier qualité et responsabilité environnementale. Une carte de visite en papier recyclé peut donc appuyer et témoigner de votre démarche écologique. Il donne un effet légèrement texturé qui convient principalement aux tons clairs.

How to choose the paper weight best suited for your image and your target

The heavier the paper weight of your business card, the more memorable is the impression you leave when you give your business cards.

To meet your requirements, we offer two different paper weights for your business cards:

  1. Grammage classique 350 g/m² : Disponible pour tous les papiers (couchés et recyclés), ce grammage assure la solidité de vos cartes.

  2. Grammage supérieur 400 g/m² : Disponible pour les papiers couchés uniquement, il donne un effet haut de gamme.

Premium finish: A detail to set you apart

As reflections of your qualities and values, your business cards need to be remarkable.

Choosing a premium finish to magnify your cards can therefore be pertinent.

Pelliculage brilliant recto

Pelliculage brilliant recto & verso

Pelliculage et vernis sélectif, recto

Pelliculage et vernis sélectif, recto & verso

Ajouter un pelliculage sur votre carte de visite

Cette option est disponible pour les papiers couchés uniquement, sur le recto et/ou le verso
Une fois pelliculée, c’est-à-dire une fois qu’une fine couche de plastique a été appliquée, votre carte de visite est plus rigide et plus résistante. Cette option est très souvent utilisée pour les dépliants, les brochures, les flyers, les cartes postales, les posters, etc.

Nous proposons 3 types de pelliculage :

  • Pelliculage brillant pour renforcer les couleurs et apporter de la luminosité à vos cartes de visite

  • Pelliculage mat pour une communication plus sobre et élégante

  • Pelliculage Soft Touch pour rendre vos cartes extra douces et veloutées au toucher tout en s’affranchissant des risques de rayures, de tâches ou de traces de doigts

Adding a selective varnish to your business card

Cette option de qualité supérieure est disponible pour les cartes en papier couché associée à un pelliculage mat ou soft touch. Le vernis sélectif est appliqué sur le recto de vos cartes de visite.

À l’inverse du pelliculage qui est appliqué sur toute la face, le vernis sélectif est un revêtement glacé appliqué sur certains éléments seulement de votre carte de visite pour les mettre en relief (logo, marque, visuel...).
Une fois vernis, ces éléments brillent plus intensément et vos cartes de visite imprimées sont idéalement protégées.

What are the necessary data to display on a business card?

  • Company logo and slogan

  • Company name

  • Your name

  • Job title or function

  • Your contact details (postal address, email address, phone number)

  • Company website

  • Social media handles

What are the printing instructions for business cards?

When you seek the services of our printing company to design your business cards, please send us a PDF file. This file must be carefully prepared to make sure your business cards are printed and cut in the right format.

Indeed, to receive your business cards just the way you imagined them, it is important to follow a few practical recommendations regarding the printing process. Three points are especially worth noting, for us to be able to print and cut your cards in the right format.

Cutting marks:

They give precise indications on where to cut your document.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have rounded corners on business cards with all types of paper?

Oui, c’est possible, et cela quels que soient le format, le papier, le grammage et les finitions que vous souhaitiez.

Is there a minimum order for business cards?

What are the delivery times for business cards?

Une commande passée avant 11h peut être livrée le jour même (en Suisse uniquement).

Pour une commande passée à 12h ou plus tard, Nevoprint vous livre le lendemain ou à J+3, en fonction de la quantité commandée et du mode d’envoi choisi : Urgent, express ou standard.

Is it possible to get help for the layout?