Customised paper place mats printing

Easy to use, inexpensive and offering a extended visual experience, printed place mats can be used in a professional setting (hotels and restaurants) as well as in private events (birthdays, weddings, etc.). More unique and less common than other conventional marketing material, printed customised place mats are a discreet and yet very efficient communication tool.
For you to best combine your design and your message, our place mats can be printed on either or both sides. They are available in a standard A3 format and in two types of paper, and are entirely customisable.

With 250 year history, Nevoprint, a trademark of PCL Presses Centrales SA, possesses a unique expertise. To guarantee their quality, all of our place mats are printed in Switzerland, in Renens (Canton of Vaud, near Lausanne), with a range of cutting-edge and high-tech machines.

The different formats for our paper place mats

What type of paper to choose?

Is your message set, is your design completed, and are you fully aware of the use and target of your place mats? Then, it is now the time to select which type of paper is best suited for you.

Place mat printed on natural Offset paper: A natural paper is a non-coated paper, which has not received any surface treatment, unlike the coated paper. This paper has a slightly grained natural surface, similar as the one used for stationery paper. It is very popular recently, as it is elegant and offers a very good readability. It is a universal standard for place mats.

Place mat printed on recycled paper: Since the environmental approach is often central is the restaurant, hotel or event industry, place mats made of recycled paper can be a good way to show your involvement. Indeed, the CO2 emissions from their production cycle are significantly inferior to those of place mats made of non-recycled paper. Yet, the printing quality is not reduced; it is exactly similar to printing with a natural paper.

NB: Whatever the paper, we use a vegetable-based and solvent-free ink, with a four-colours printing process, to print our place mats, on either or both sides. For small batches (up to 1,000 units), inks are toner-based. Odourless, our place mats are ideal for restaurants.

What are the necessary data to display on a customised place mat?

  • Name of the brand or establishment

  • Logo

  • Address(es)

  • Contact information

  • Opening days and times

  • Website and social media handles

  • Menu

  • Some activity to kill time (game, colouring, sudoku, etc.)

  • Potential business partners or sponsors

Advice on how to lay out your place mats before printing

Even though our machines guarantee a professional printing quality, it is necessary to respect some designing guidelines, so that your place mats are printed the way you imagined them.

Here are some Nevoprint recommendations to design your place mats:

  • It is pertinent not to display the main data in the centre of the place mat, as they would otherwise be hidden by the plate,

  • Allow a 3-mm full-bleed and a 5-mm inner margin, as a safety measure,

  • Keep in mind the reading direction, so that the images appear upright once the place mat is printed,

  • If possible, use the CMYK colorimetric profile, and share us your file in the following formats: Adobe Indesign, PDF, TIFF, PNG or JPEG. In general, prefer high resolution images.

Keep in mind that our reading direction follows a Z pattern, when you design your place mat: Data placed at the top invite you to discover and learn, those placed in the centre are appealing to our feelings, while those places at the bottom are more likely to spur action.

Frequently asked questions

What are the delivery times for place mats?

An order placed before 11 am can be picked up on site the same day. For a surcharge, it can also be delivered the same day or the day after, in the region of Lausanne.

For any order placed after 12:00, Nevoprint can deliver your prints the next day or after 3 days, depending on the quantity you ordered and on the delivery method you chose: express or standard.

Is there a minimum order?

Whatever paper quality you chose, a minimum of 25 units is required.

Is it possible to get help for the design and layout?